J.B. Blues Pedal

J.B. Blues Pedal
Brand: Johnny Brook
Product Code: Blues
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The Blues Pedal for Guitar from Johnny Brook 

packs a lot of effect into a sturdy, compact and truly affordable piece of kit. Designed for blues and classic rock tones, the Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal features distortion level, low (which boosts and cuts bass frequency), high (which cuts upper harmonics) and gain controls. With a single input and two outputs, you have the option of two monoaural signals: Output 1 for the unprocessed signal, Output 2 for the processed signal.


• Sturdy design for everyday use 
• Blues Overdrive Effect 
• For Blues and Classic Rock Tones 
• High, Low, Gain and Level Controls 
• 2 Outputs: Processed/Unprocessed Signal
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